Scandal / Negative returns / Injustice

You’ve probably heard and/or read these words far too often lately in the media.

Is your trust compromised? Do you want a clearer picture with simple explanations so you can better understand what you need to do to steer clear of such situations?

Invessa is proud to introduce a series of InvesSafeAndSound Newsletters with the idea of enlightening you on different topics of current interest pertaining to various industry situations that could be cause for concern among our clients and future clients.

These Newsletters evolve around “Myth and Reality”. We hope they’ll both enlighten and reassure you in your future choices!


Following recent events in the Earle Jones and Vincent Lacroix affairs and others, I can’t trust an independent advisor anymore to manage my investments.


Several cases of fraud occurred in the last few years and, unfortunately, innocent people paid the price.

Certain simple and easy precautions can, however, be implemented to prevent this type of situation without having to deprive yourself of an independent advisor who, according to Invessa, remains the most impartial person available on the market to help guide consumers in their investments:

  • Check if your advisor is authorized to practise his profession on the Autorité des marchés financiers website
  • When you invest funds, never make a cheque out to an advisor (and/or his company) but to the institution with whom you are investing the money
  • Make sure the financial institutions with whom your advisor deals are credible and financially solid (your insurance broker should be able to provide details)

That’s the Invessa Reality!