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Insurance for businesses

Insurance for businesses

Invessa specializes in insurance for small and medium businesses of all sizes. If you grow internationally, we can follow you and continue to meet your needs. In fact, Invessa has strategic alliances in various countries such as the United States and France.

Each business is a link in an economy supporting both its owners and its employees. It is therefore essential to ensure that its sustainability is never compromised because of a disaster.

Invessa ensures that your business is properly protected and, in the event of a disaster, that it can resume normal operations in the shortest possible time.

Why choose Invessa?

Impartial advice

Invessa founded the Fédération des cabinets d’assurance indépendants du Québec. Invessa is also privately owned and 100% independent. We therefore provide impartial advice and no external party can force us to act against our mission.

Personalized programs

In collaboration with our 40 business partners, we develop tailor-made programs with a distinctive brand image and coverages adapted to your reality.

Significant purchasing power

The combined strength of our 25 000 customers enables us to get the best deals in the market for you.

Type of insurance
We protect your interests

Construction insurance

Insurance for aesthetic centers

NPO insurance

Condo insurance

Cyber-risk insurance

Personalized insurance


A team of enthusiastic people sharing the same human values

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